The paperclips didn't need a sales pitch. Neither do your clients.

Increase sales without selling a thing

Entrepreneur Division for Sales Training Programs

Are you facing any of these challenges?

  • Getting "I’ll think it over" too often
  • Making too many bids and proposals that don’t turn into sales
  • Not getting enough good referrals from existing customers
  • Prospects blaming the economy why they can’t buy

If any of these sound like issues you are dealing with, watch the short video below that explains some of our online sales training programs and tools.


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Do you love to cold call? Do you think it’s good business practice to try and close a deal with every prospect you meet?

We didn’t think so. But unfortunately, that is the way traditional sales people have operated. Until now. Our online sales training program, The B2B Sales Playbook, developed by nationally-renowned sales consultant Greta Schulz, contains all the steps you need to successfully march down the field and score big. And you will do it more efficiently and purposefully than ever before.

We’ve all been to the one-day training seminars, packed with lots of helpful tips. We leave motivated, ready to conquer the world. Until the next day, when we’re in front of a prospect and we revert to our old way of doing things. It’s what we know and where we think we feel comfortable. What you will learn throughout working with our online sales training program is that smart and successful sales training is learned in little pieces at a time, practiced over and over, until it becomes your new way of doing things.

Compiled into a powerful, convenient and interactive coaching and training program, Greta will take you through each step of her wildly popular training seminars and online sales training programs. By ordering the B2B Sales Playbook, you will receive the following:

Professional Level Sales Training Program

Membership to this level of our online sales training program allows you access to the following:

  • In-Depth Sales Assessment
  • Personality Assessment
  • Interactive Workbook
  • Web-Based Video Training Modules
  • Small Group Coaching (up to 8 people only)
  • Free Access to Live Events
  • Podcasts
  • And More!

In-Depth Sales Assessment

In this step of our sales training program, you will take an assessment that will help you understand what beliefs you have that may be holding you back from being truly successful in sales.

Personality Assessment

Our sales training program's personality test will not only help you better understand your own personality style and tendencies but also what tendencies your prospects have and how to deal with them to help them bond with you.

E-Learing individual Training Modules

Get instructions directly from Greta on videos in our online sales training program that are set up to take each step of the sales process and break it down for easy understanding.
Interactive WorkbookOur e-learning sales training program comes with step-by-step workbooks for you to fill out as you follow along with the instructional videos so you don’t miss one bit of the information!

Small Group Coaching  

One of the best tools in this program is the ability to get coaching directly from Greta. Yep 2 times per month you and only a few others (never to exceed 8) will get 45 minutes of coaching on individual questions, share success stories and challenges that you will learn from Greta and often the other group members.
* Individual coaching available. Please email to discuss options.


You can download podcasts on lots of sales subjects to take with you in the car, when you exercise, or anytime you want to reinforce what you’ve learned and get even more tips. You can bring your sales training program with you anywhere you go.


Greta writes lots of articles that you can get right from the website anytime!

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-J Sasser, 352Media

AUTOBUILDERS General Contracting Services, Inc

- G. Press

- J Horowitz

 "Based on your help so far I can attribute over $100,000 of new sales to my desk for this year."

- Matt Ceresia, Marketing Consultant
St. Louis Business Journal

Greta Schulz’s systems and trainings have provided me with the methods and the confidence to locate and to network with new and better referral sources

- Charles D. Jamieson, Esquire/ The Law Firm of Charles D. Jamieson, P.A.

“ I am thrilled and proud to be a new member of the Chamber of Commerce. Since January ('10), I have attended every event I have been able to fit into my schedule. I have always walked away enriched with information, relationships and wonderful strategic alliances. However, today's seminar "Member Money Maker" presented by Greta Schulz of Schulz Training and Consulting was worth the price of membership alone! What a phenomenal seminar. The title does not overstate. I will make money for my business after attending this morning's program. Ms Schulz is one of the most impressive - yet real- professionals I have met in South Florida. Anyone who has not yet attended one of her seminars has to put it on their Priority List (yes, Greta, that Priority List!). ”

- Joyce Beauvais Managing Partner Concierge Car Service of the Palm Beaches, LLC

"The B2B Sales Playbook and Greta Schulz are the real deal! I have been through a lot of sales training courses in the past and nothing ever seemed to click.

This training takes you through a process that keeps you in control of the sale and takes the guess work out of what step you should take next.  The section on Networking alone is worth the cost of the entire course.  The course is professional and the skills have taken me to a whole new level in my industry."

Eric Kurit, Kurit and Abrams Insurance

Greta’s training gave me a competitive edge that translated into confidence and increased sales per every encounter, and a higher closing ratio.

- Jackie Colucci, AFLAC Florida South Central Special Projects Coordinator

Your class changed all my selling habits and taught me how to build better relations with my clients and prospects.  I recommend Schulz Business Training to all of my friends.

-Carlos Perez, Gulfstream Goodwill Industries