The paperclips didn't need a sales pitch. Neither do your clients.

Increase sales without selling a thing

Corporate Division for Sales Team and Management Training

Is this sales management training program right for your sales team?

Do you have any of the following challenges?

  • Are your salespeople blaming the economy for their own shortfalls?
  • Are they doing a stronger selling job on you than the customer to negotiate a deal?
  • Are they doing the appropriate activities to keep their pipelines full?
  • Is it difficult for you to properly forecast your revenues because their monthly account closings estimates are consistently wrong?

If these sound like some of the things you are dealing with, then we should talk about this further in our corporate sales team and sales management training programs. We have found over the years that the issues salespeople have are pretty consistent. There are mistakes that they make over and over because they were never truly taught to use an actual system to sell. Selling is like anything else. Without systems in place, it will more often than not, run into a ditch. When you ask why, you get a bunch of excuses and you are so frustrated by not meeting the revenue income you know you should be reaching that you except those excuses as truths. They’re not! That stops today!

But where do I start for corporate sales team training?

With our corporate sales team and sales management training programs, we can’t find a solution until we diagnose the problem.

Your first step is to take inventory. Take the Corporate Sales Assessment by clicking on this button and get started. You will get the results emailed to you directly after analysis. Then we can talk about what help you need... if any... to help your sales team break through the glass ceiling and reach the height you know you can.

Or you can just call and talk to us or email us directly to ask about our corporate sales team and sales management training options. 

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Do something.

Stop talking about the problem and solve it. Begin today.



More Testimonials...

“I am writing because we are so impressed with our results after our corporate trainings with Greta Schulz and her team at Schulz Business. We are General Contractor’s who specialize in building Automotive Dealerships.  In the past 22 years we have built over 200 dealerships and decided to train all our Executives, Project Managers, Estimators and Support Staff.

Greta Schulz uses a consultative process and an unconventional approach to sales.  She teaches the team how and where to Network and how to build relationships that she calls “Strategic Alliances and how to listen for clues and gave a specific “Top Ten” list of good potential clients for our company. Our activity level has increased and so have our prospect appointments and sales pipeline.  We also know exactly how to conduct a prospect appointment by not selling anything and uncovering the “real” reasons people make decisions. I have so many success stories because of implementing this sales training, but don’t know if this is too much information.  Greta Schulz trainings and tools have become an invaluable to our continued success and bottom line growth.  Thank You!”

- Linda Barnette, AUTOBUILDERS General Contracting Services, Inc.

"We definitely owe you a great deal of credit for your strength in consulting with us to develop our sales process skills and consultative approach to selling.  It obviously separates us from the pack.  Just make sure you stay away from our competition.”

- Bruce Hoskins, Marketing Consultant

“Thank you so much for traveling to the panhandle to help us grow Vistage and add value to our members. Your presentation was dead on and our CEO members really related to your sales strategy.”

Chip Webster, CEO, Visage Florida- The CEO think-tank organization