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Think about what you see in your mind when you hear someone say the word "salesperson"... not a pretty picture, is it? Well, since it is my career, and I have based my life work in sales consulting on it, I hate that people feel that way. But in most cases they are right. And that's just the beginning. Schulz Business, a sales consulting and sales marketing training company, was founded on this basic premise about selling. My job as a sales consultant is to show you how to have a wonderfully rewarding relationship and have the client feel the same.

Is this easy? NO WAY! It takes change, practice and hard work. Most of us put lots of time, often years, into learning our profession. Doesn't it make sense to spend some time learning how to bring it to market? Well, as professional sales consultants, that's who we are. We give you the sales marketing training you need to best present yourself to your customers. Are we for everyone? Absolutely not! Are we for you? Ask us, and we'll tell you. But you may not like what you hear.

To Sell is NOT To Sell

"There is only one thing that business owners are more reluctant to spend profits on then advertising, and that's training their people. The eternal question is "what happens if I train them and they leave?" A better one, "What happens if you don't train them and they stay?"
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Where's Greta?

Greta's Workshop
Jan 23 - Marriott, Boca Center, FL
Workshop at Chamber of the Palm Beaches
Dec 10 - West Palm Beach, FL
From How To Wow! at Boca Chamber
TBD - South Palm Beach, FL

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“ I wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful presentation at the Chamber meeting last week. I found your energy, tied in with your useful information very stimulating for me and my company. ”

- Karen Davis, The Finishing Touch Decorating